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Monday, August 27, 2012

Only in Art

This post deals with a new form of art that they are trying to sell called "imaginary art."  A woman recently paid $10,000 for a description of a piece of art.  That means she doesn't actually own a piece of art she owns a piece of paper.  The more ironic part is that she paid money for a piece called "Fresh Air".

So my question is, is this art or is this someone's idea of a joke?  Would you pay money for a description of art?  Or would you ask someone else to pay money for a description of art?


  1. paying for a description of art is just stupid i think, i mean i could print out a description of an art piece for free, and i would never charge someone for a description cause first of all there are a select few people that would actually buy it.

  2. that sounds like a very easy way to earn some money. i think i could describe something like that to a person. but hey when your that rich maybe i will but that "piece of art"

  3. This is ridiculous, I would never pay for a description of someone's art. This is not my kind of art.

  4. This is stupid and I could not ever imagine for paying 10k for a description of art. If it caught on I would go and sell a description of the Mona Lisa

  5. I think this is weird. I would call it something more like poetry, but not exactly art. I would never spend thousands of dollars on a single piece of paper describing an imaginary art piece. I wouldn't mind creating one though and selling it to someone who actually wants to buy it though.