A talk about Art

Hello, the purpose of this blog is to help bring to life a love of all art that is out there. Here you will find the masters to the most current artists out there. You will have a chance to learn a little about them and share your thoughts on their work. And along the way we will have some fun and questions and trivia about anything ART.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Solve the cube

I'm not sure how many of you have ever even played with a rubik cube, but would you even think about turning one  into art?  How about turning thousands of them into a single picture?

Well one artist thought that a rubik cube would make a great medium.

So what do you think of this art?  Is it something that you would like to try to do?  What if you picked an easier image than that of a person like Martin Luther King, Jr?  Who or what would you pick?  And how many rubik cubes do you think are actually in one of his works of art?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Can I borrow a paperclip?

So I want you to stop and think of the most insignificant item that is on an office desk right now.  Did you think of something?  Some of you probably said pencils, pens, tape, eraser, stapler, or even the paperweight, but how many of you thought of paperclips.

Well the Italian artist Pietro D'Angelo has thought of new ways to use the paperclip.  He has used them to create amazing sculptures of people doing everyday things.

Do you have a favorite or a favorite detail that he created with paperclips?  What part amazes you, or do you think they are nothing special?  What every day activity would you like to see pictured in paperclips?  Would you have picked another medium or do you think this is original?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shrunken art

So have you ever looked at your toys and wondered what the world looks like to them?  Kind of like a toy story situation?  Well probably not, but this artist thought about it.

So which mini life scene is your favorite?  Does one stand out to you more than others?  Is this art, or just a waste of someone's time?  Do you have a place, toys or scenes that you would like to see played out in miniature?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Frozen in time

So I am sure most of you have gone out in the winter and made your own form of art, a snowman.  But have you ever thought of what you could do if you had a lot of snow, or what about ice?  Could you make ice into beautiful sculptures?  I've see a swan made out of ice, and it was beautiful, but these are down right amazing.

So what are your thoughts on these?  Would you be willing to make one knowing that as soon as the weather was nice it would be destroyed?  Would you want to see them when they are done or while they are making them?  What would be the craziest thing that you can think of that you would like to see made out of snow or ice?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anamorphic art

So most of you have probably seen the guy that does the street art that can only be seen from one exact spot, but have any of you seen the anamorphic art that is done with chrome cylinders?

So what do you think of these?  Is this a project that you would like to try or is it something that would make your brain hurt way too much?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A very High Keyed Horse

So I have shown you art that has been created by lots of things.  And while I know I have showed you lots of recycled art, this one I found pretty amazing.  It is described as a trojan horse, but it is made out of old keyboard keys.

So what do you think?  Do you want to be the one who glues every single one of these keys into place?  Can you think of another medium that would have been interesting on the outside of this horse?

Discarded art

Are you a responsible person that recycles your plastic bags?  Or do you throw them in the landfill with everything else?  I will admit that I do both things.  I try really hard to take them to recycling, but I often forget when I leave the house.  But Khalil Chistee has found a way to take those discarded grocery and garbage bags and is turning them into beautiful pieces of people art.  Just like the material he is using, the people feel lost and lonely, maybe even a little discarded themselves.

So what do you think about these people?  Are they beautiful or disturbing? Can you think of other discarded mediums that might make beautiful art?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Missing sculptures

The French Sculpture artist Bruno Catalano is creating beautiful works of art that center around average working people, with one exception, they have huge holes cut into them.

So I am really curious what your thoughts are on this type of street art.  Would they make you stop and look if you saw them on the corner?  What feelings or thoughts come to you when you see them?  Does it change your reaction when you know that they are made from a heavy material like bronze?

Art or Need more to do?

So what would you think if you came out and saw that someone had turned your dirty windshield into a piece of art?  I couldn't find a lot of info about this guy, but I am slightly amazed by what he could create with just a dusty, dirty windshield.

What do you think of this type of art?  Would you love it or hate it on your car?  What image would you like to see on your vehicle?  Is there something that would best describe you?  Would you want to wash your car then, or would you try to get it dirty?