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Hello, the purpose of this blog is to help bring to life a love of all art that is out there. Here you will find the masters to the most current artists out there. You will have a chance to learn a little about them and share your thoughts on their work. And along the way we will have some fun and questions and trivia about anything ART.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Grandma's demon?

SO this is one of the odder things that I have ever come across, it is a crocheted demon mask.

Now don't get em wrong, I think anyone that has the ability and the patience to crochet are amazing people, but I am not sure what I think about using their skills to create a demon mask.  I followed the link and actually there are several different types of masks that this woman can crochet, but I couldn't get the images to save, they were protected for some reason.  But let's just say she lives in a very cold climate and knits them as face masks to protect from the weather.

Let me know what you think.

So is this something you would wear in winter?  Do you find it cute or scary?  Would you have left it in white or perhaps chosen another color for it?  Can you think of something else that you would like to see her knit?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This chair can Wave

Creating tile mosiac art is one of the oldest forms of art known to man.  Ever since man figured out how to cut rocks into smaller pieces they have been laying it out into interesting patterns and designs.  Sometimes those designs told stories through pictures and sometimes it was just decoration, but it has long been a highly skilled tradition.

That being said, tile art has now taken a contemporary view of how to create it.  I couldn't figure out which artist made this tiled chair, but I know that it was made for a world wide tile artist competition that was held a couple of years ago.  Each artist was given a chair that they had to transform using tile.

I would love to know what you think.

If you zoom in you can see all of the individual tiles that had to be painstakingly applied one at a time.  But I want to know what you think of it?  Do you have a favorite part or technique that this artist did?  Or do you think it is horrible and if so why?  If you were given a chair to decorate, what would you do with it?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What is under a painting?

Have you ever wondered what was under a painting?  Have you ever thought that there might be something under it?  Most of us don't even stop to think about what even could be under a painting.

Well the artist Blake Neubert has taken the concept of what is under the painting to a whole new level.  I am going to warn you right now, he has a morbid and even creepy side to his artwork, but at the same time it is really kind of cool how he does this.


So this is the painting before he scrapes away the paint.

And this is the after.

Okay, my first question has to be, how do you think he does this?  Does he have something between the layers of paint so that it scrapes off easily?  What would make someone even think of doing art that looks like this?  Do you find this gross or fascinating?  What image would you do if you could do this style?  Would you also do a person or animal or would you do something like looking into the inside of a car?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Carved for greatness

SO I am a very simple person.  I have no desire to have a fancy house with fancy things, that is until I saw these doors.  These are hand-carved doors that you have to specially order to fit not only your house buy your design choice.  I can't even imagine the hours that went into making each of these low relief masterpieces.

Take a look and tell me what you think?

SO what do you think?  Does it make you want to own a log home up with the mountains too?  Do you have a different design in mind?  I am not so much of a bear person, but I love the last one with the tree and deer.  Which one is your favorite and why?  If you could pick another design what would it be?

Friday, September 16, 2016


It's not very often that I get to talk about South Dakota artists.  Dale Lamphere is  However, today I am really excited to show you the newest South Dakota sculpture that will be along I-90 by Chamberlain called "Dignity".

Dignity is a 50 foot sculpture of a Native American dancer that is being created out of steel.  She will dance high above the Missouri River and will be an amazing site to see.  Her unveiling ceremony will be this weekend in Chamberlain, September 17.

This is Dale in front of the stuatue.

Scale models in his workshop

Another scale model

Work in progress